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TakeMine.io Is a survival and base building game, with a strong tendency to turn into violent clan wars! You take control of a little character equipt with nothing more than an axe and bow. It’s your job to collect resources (wood, stone, and apples) using this axe to build a base, collect gold and dominate the leaderboard.

To get gold, you’ll need a wigwam. This is obtained by collecting 50 wood and 10 stone. Once you place your wigwam, it will automatically give you gold every second.But beware! Wigwams mean other people will want to kill you. They don’t want you getting all the gold! So you’ll need a base. This is the fun and empowering part, as your design skills will be crucial to your survival.

Build Strategically To Conquer Your Opponents in TakeMine.io!

Build it too close to an enemy and you’re in trouble, but maybe they’ll want to help out? You’ll need apples from fruit trees to restore your health when consumed also. To get any resources simply go up to the tree, stone… person and hit it with an axe.

Your bow is your long-range weapon that fires arrows. The more XP you have (gained by hitting anything), the more dangerous your bow’s attack level is.Teaming up with other players can be crucial for survival. Once your base is big and impressive other clans are likely to charge at you in numbers to take your base down! This is great fun, albeit simple, for those who like survival games with the chance to team up with others if you wish.


  • Move – WASD
  • Turn – Mouse
  • Gather/Attack: Space or Left mouse click
  • Auto Attack: E
  • Select Item: 1-9 keys
  • Quick Food: Q
  • Chat: Enter

GameFarm.io tips for TakeMine.io:

  • Make use of the chat to ask others if they want to team up!
  • Use Auto attack if you’re finding it difficult to attack.
  • Build you base around resources like trees and stone!
  • Find trees/stone that are located right next to each other, as you may be able to hit both of them at the same time!
  • Build your base in the corner of the map if possible for maximum protection!

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