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Description: is a territory claiming themed game, that is far slicker and more enjoyable than .io games of a similar nature. Your aim is to gain control of territory in exchange for points on the leaderboard. Points come from the individual blocks that make up the map, becoming yours. There is a simple route to failure in Superhex; run into another snake and you’ll die. Run into your own snake tail and you’ll die.

You will not die by running over other owned blocks and can steal these by completing a loop whilst covering their space. Hitting the edge of the map will result in instant death. When you die, you lose everything and must start over.

Compete Across A Huge Map In has a huge map, which results in competitive games with huge score tallies. You can personalize your snake’s head by sharing on social media in the main menu. The snake movement and animations on this game though are extremely slick and satisfying, compared to similar games. Quality can also be adjusted in the top right of the screen. In the top left, you can see additional, non-leaderboard affecting stats, that lead to a more interesting game.

The best thing about Superhex however, is that you can play with friends very easily via the built-in feature, which in other games can be hard to organize a group play.This is a great fun, territory game due to its competitive nature and well-made interface.


  • Mouse to move tips for

  • Don’t be too brave with your loops. You’ll only regret it when you’re hard work is lost for one overconfident long shot.
  • Small gradual growth tends to be better than big growth.
  • However, if you know you’re safe – go for it!
  • It tends to be dangerous around the perimeter of the maps, because it’s congested.

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