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Description: is a free multiplayer browser game released in October 2017. It features a quick paced pool/billiards-type game where players try to knock balls into holes or each other!

Players earn experience by knocking balls or other players into “pots”/holes. As you get more experience upgrades become available. Upgrades come in two forms – perks which give you unique reusable abilities – or stats – which increase your chances passively.

Watch Out For Other Players in

Due to the concept being slightly different than most other io games in that you don’t actively need to chase other players there can be very aggressive players who don’t get that. There are some that will spend 100%
of their time going after other players so be on alert. It is recommended to get the Ghost perk to foil their plans.

Falling into a hole or being pushed by other players into a hole will make you get “potted” (die) in the game. However, do not worry, in you are allowed to respawn and keep half of your experience.


  • Hold down the left mouse button to charge your power and release to shoot.
  • Right mouse click to instantly shoot yourself at full power
  • Scroll your mouse wheel to control zoom. tips for

  • When you grow levels you get to upgrade stats in the lower right-hand corner. Size doesn’t seem to be helpful – we recommend impact. Especially if you are trying to take out other players.
  • Go for “good enough” shots over precision. In the time you take to line up one shot perfectly you could get 3-4 balls in by hitting more less accurately.
  • Get the “Ghost” perk as your first perk choice when the time comes and use it to avoid getting hit in by other players.


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