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Description: is a free multiplayer robotic warfare game released in October of 2017. This game is a simplified and addictive version of (the same developer made both). The main goal of this game is to destroy the enemy’s command center before they blow yours up.

To start out you must select the class of vehicle you would like. They are all very mech warrior looking and are definitely futuristic. You do not need to sign up for account but doing so allows you to choose your username. Has Many Classes Of Vehicles To Wage War With

The main ground-based units include Roller (slow tank), Javelin (long range tank), Silencer (pass-through damage tank) and Demolisher (heavy tank). The main air-based units include Manta (fast light fighter), Bomber (splash damage carpet bombs), Peregrine(high maneuverability fighter with missiles) and Harpy(Heavy gunship).

Ultimately this is game has a lot of potential and is quite addictive. The developer appears to be very active and bugs and features are being added promptly.


  • Each vehicle has different controls which will appear on the screen when you spawn.
  • Most vehicles shoot their primary weapon with the left mouse button.
  • WASD keys move your vehicle tips for

  • Start out with the Peregrine fighter first. It can move around fast while you get used to the game and has a heavy missile you can fire with your right mouse button.
  • Go back to the big circle with a red plus sign on it in your base when you need to heal as it will heal you.
  • Sneak around the sides of the map with flying vehicles and lay some damage to the enemy base while they are distracted.

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