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Description: is a survival game, which as the name suggests is basically a battle to feed your self, and avoid starvation! This is done by crafting items to aid you (similar to mine craft) and finding the necessary resources! Each user, in a server of 50+ players, is a small little vulnerable character that must move through a dangerous world to survive. Other users will play a threat, but the biggest danger is dying because your health is too low.

Your health drops because of various factors. There are four status bars: health, hunger level, temperature, and water. When these individual bars drop too low, your health will be negatively affected. The quickest to drop is temperature. When darkness falls and it is night, your poor little character freezes to death very, very quickly. It’s almost certainly on your first time playing you will freeze to death (if you don’t then, bravo). In order to avoid freezing you need to warm up, with fire! You can of course just walk up to any fire, but you’ll need to learn how to make your own because other players don’t appreciate you stealing there’s and will kill you.

Craft your way to the top in

Any crafting is fairly simple because once you have the required resources (such as wood and stone), then the game will give a small pop-up icon suggesting an item to craft, which you then select. These are found in the top left. There is also a recipe crafting guide in the top right, so you know what resources to go hunting for!

Next is hunger. That’s fairly self-explanatory and by killing bunnies (if you did, you’re just mean), spiders and rats you can eat them, to avoid starvation. Alternatively, you can cook bread and eat fruits by collecting berries and seeds from trees. The final status bar is your water level. Like all creatures in life, you need to drink. This can be done by collecting water from the lake (fairly easy to spot this on your mini-map in the bottom right). You’ll need the necessary tools to do this though.

At first death is a fairly frequent event for noobs. But you’ll gather XP with each try and then you can buy starter packs to speed up the process of initial survival; it will include the tools that are essential for progress such as a pickaxe, sword, and some food. Finally, there are daily quests for extra XP, such as not killing bunnies or finding an elusive dragon heart! is one of the best survival games on the .io space! It is challenging but has lots to do and craft, in your quest to reach the top of the leaderboard!


  • WASD or Arrows – Move
  • Left click – interact
  • Right click – Cancel
  • Number keys – select item tips for

  • Go to a tree straight away and collect wood. You have no time to waste.
  • Then build a pick axe, you’ll need this to get stone.
  • Go to a rock and collect stone. You’ll need this to build fire.
  • Build a fire
  • Be careful around spiders, they will murder you if you are not equipt, very quickly.
  • Be careful around well-dressed players, they are probably very good and have no mercy.

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