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Description: is a spaceship fighting game, where you must destroy asteroids and space rocks in the hunt for the crystals they release when destroyed! Each and every player flies around in a spaceship, dodging between asteroids and other users, as they try to find as many crystals as possible to top the leaderboard. Crystals are found by destroying asteroids or collecting the remains of dead players.

Your spaceship is equipped with the ability to shoot, so shooting is asteroids is something you’ll be doing regularly. Once you collect crystals you can later spend them on upgrading your space ship. This is essential to progressing in the game, as you’ll want a bigger, faster ship, with a bigger and faster gun! Has Multiple Game Modes To Conquer

There are two games modes: survival or team mode. In survival it is a free for all; this is the standard game mode. With crystals you can also upgrade the lives your ship has, but it is the fire rate that you will want to have upgrade as soon as possible, as the gun overheats fairly quickly at first and you have to wait for it to cool off.

Further upgrades can be made by sharing the game on social media. The movement on the ships is a little clumsy and this game is on suitable for mouse users, if you’re playing on laptop, you’ll struggle. It would be better if movement was with the arrow or WASD keys, not the right mouse click.

But the letter keys are used for communication. On the left of the screen is a box indicating what each key will say to fellow players. This adds quite a lot of character and communication because you can say stuff like “Team” or “Help”, to avoid instant death once you find another player or you can just tell them you’re about to kill them… of course. The movement of the spaceships through space does feel like there is no gravity, which is nice, but this game needs a little bit more variety than just shooting asteroids.


  • Mouse to steer
  • Left mouse to click to fire
  • Right mouse click to use thrust tips for

  • Use the communication keys if you want to team up with another users.
  • But also be careful you don’t think someone will trust what you say, they might just destroy you straight away.
  • At first just try and collect gems and avoid conflict with others; you’ll only die at first!

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