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Squadd.io is a fast-paced no download required online shooting game.

You can jump right into the action without signing up and you will be placed on one of two teams (blue or red). However,
there are quite a few unlockables between weapons and characters so it is recommended to make an account once you really get into playing Squadd.io. Anyways, when you first spawn you will start out with an Uzi and need to blast away your opponents or crates (gray with blue lines) to get a better weapon.

The goal of a Squadd.io match is to be the team with the most kills. Individual players can climb the leaderboard for the match located in the top right corner as well. Throughout the match players grab credits from killing players or crates which  you use to upgrade weapons in the shop on the loadout screen. We highly recommend Squadd.io for anyone who is into shooting games, especially shooting games with sweet techno tunes.


  • Use WASD Keys to move
  • Click your left mouse button to shoot, some guns require holding it down (like the mini gun)
  • Use Spacebar or right click your mouse to dash

GameFarm.io tips for Squadd.io:

  • Blast the white cubes with red tops when enemies are near to them to cause explosion damage against them.
  • When using the Uzi (starter weapon), constantly spray as it has unlimited ammo.
  • Hide – there are many obstacles and objects to hide behind. Hide behind them to dodge bullets.

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