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Splatty.io is an io game similar to others where you can compete non-stop in a paint war. The goal is to get yourself on the top of the leaderboard for as long as possible. As you start the game, you are given control of a teardrop shaped orb. Your immediate goal of collecting small white drones located around the map by splatting paint at them. Why are you collecting these drones in the first place? The reason you collect them is that your paint splats get bigger when you do so tying itself into player combat.

Battling against other players in Splatty.io is done successfully by splatting the orb of your opponent enough that he’s covered from all sides till he dies and releases all drones to be neutral again so you can grab them all yourself, or have to fight others over them. Once players become large, they will have to defend themselves even more as everyone will see that being able to take your drones is an opportunity to launch themselves to the top.


  • Use your mouse to point in the direction you want your orb to go.
  • Press the left mouse button to shoot your paint in the direction your mouse cursor is at.
  • Press space to use your boost (only works if meter is filled).

GameFarm.io tips for Splatty.io:

  • Using a boost will lose you a single drone every time you boost. However, if you splat a neutral drone (including the one you just lost) during or after the boost, you will immediately have your meter refilled.
  • Speaking of boosts, don’t be afraid to use these to just pick up the large clusters of neutral drones laying across the map! Many other players will go for whoever is at the top at the time. Usually this is not a benefit to them at all while you eventually stand a chance.
  • After dying for the first time per run, you will turn into a ghost that respawns seconds later to where you choose. Use this opportunity to possibly try splatting whoever you were in your last fight. You’ll have a good chance that a bit of your paint will still be on them.

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