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Spinz.io is a fast paced, fidget spinner themed points gathering game, with the familiar slither.io style of play. Each user is a fidget spinner, and spins around the map collecting little dots which give both points and the essential aim of the game; faster spinz.

The fast you spin, the more dangerous you are to other users, as you’ll hurt them if you collide with them. This will result in dots flying everywhere and a mass chase to collect them. Your speed is measured in RPM (Rotations per minute) and when that reaches 0 you die, game over. Your RPM is what your score is; the higher the RPM the better. However, if a player is 4x faster than you, you will die instantly, so be very careful! Some users may get as high as 20,000 RPM, at which point they are just a blur on the map if you see them.

Customize Your Fidget Spinner Warrior in Spinz.io

You can customize your fidget spinner by buying skins or sharing on social media. There is also an invite link, to invite friends to your specific server, which is good. In spinz, you don’t get bigger, you just get fast, which does make the game less tense than similar games, but it’s a nice twist and does make everything very fast paced. The mini map sadly only displays your location and not the position of dots and other users.

There are also whirlpools that when you enter will fire you out very quickly, giving you a good option for quick escape from fast spinz enemies! There are two game modes; the very popular free for all (FFA) or Team. In team you are either a red or blue fidget spinner and therefore cannot be hurt by team mate collisions. FFA however is the way to play Spinz. You’ll also need some patience. It’s a fun game, but it can get boring quite quickly as it’s repetitive.


  • Mouse to move.

GameFarm.io tips for Spinz.io:

  • If you are lazy just go in straight lines on the sides of the map, there are not many users there but lots of dots.
  • Aim for whirlpools for quick escape!

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