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Description: is a cute and well-made snowball based shooter game. You take control of a small little person running around a snow themed arena, in a free for all style match. Simply throw snowballs at other players until their health bar (or yours) is empty and you are on your way to winning. You can respawn straight away, but once you die, you lose points and drop down the ranking.

XP is what you level up with and is gained by killing others (turning them into snowmen), or picking up their dropped items, which are: Candy (Score bonus), Fruit (Health restore), Gold, (XP bonus), Toys (random effects!). Every 5 level increase you receive a bonus, these include: Powerups, snowball upgrades, and masks. There are also big bears that will attack you if you come near them, they are not user controlled, but are very dangerous! Once you kill another player, they will turn into a snowman and drop candy which when you run over, will give you more XP!

Reflexes Matter – You’ll Have To Be Quick

The game isn’t suitable for players without a mouse, as it relies on quick turning and spinning. You will be kicked if you don’t have a high enough ping, this makes the game is very fluid. Overall the game has a really nice visual design, with 3D graphics, a nice snow theme and festive music. Some customization is available if you sign up and don’t play as a guest.

Bring a buddy to the game, that is perfect for friends, but can easily become repetitive and annoying to get kicked due to bad ping when you are on a 15 kill streak! Furthermore, it’s also a child-friendly shooter game, which is hard to find.


  • WASD or arrows to move.
  • Left click to fire/OR spacebar (hold for rapid fire) of snowballs.
  • Mouse to spin/turn. tips for

  • Fire whilst on the move!
  • Keep moving always, as you’ll easily lose health if standing still.
  • Spin 360 whilst holding spacebar if surrounded.

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