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Description: is one of the classics of the io genre of browser games. Released in 2016, it is a free to play online multiplayer game that recreated the classic snake game with a few key twists. The first twist was making it multiplayer and the second being that you are not penalized for running into yourself – in fact it is often critical to your success that you go over your tail! Is Simple To Start Playing But Difficult To Excel At

The game is deceptively simple. On your first couple plays, you will assume you are already as good as you can get at the game but has a way of always requiring more skill to get out of some very tricky situations – something that practice is the only cure for.

This game is highly recommended and honestly is one of the kings of the new generation of multiplayer browser games we have to thank for all the newer games we have been seeing. It helped pave the way and for that reason, it has been rewarded with almost a cult following. has been so successful it has found its merchandise is major retailers in the form of snake plush toys and countless clone versions of it.


  • Aim your movement with your mouse
  • Right click (and hold) your mouse to speed up tips for

  • Don’t speed up/sprint for too long or when you don’t need to. Doing so shrinks your snake.
  • Stay small and mobile at first, this will let you cut off a huge snake easier which can let you skip a lot of slow growth.
  • Stay unpredictable, if a snake has been following you for a while switch up your direction otherwise they can easily kill you by running in front of you.

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    tony loves me and this game

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