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Description: is a simple version of all the “Guess the drawing” games you already know. Each player has a turn to draw a random word they are given, and then the rest of the lobby must guess what they are drawing for points! The sooner you guess correctly, the more points you get, and the sooner your drawing is guessed, the more points you get!

There are 3 rounds, before the total score is collected and the winner is chosen. As with all the guess the drawing games, there is little to separate them in what they offer. however has something comical about how simple it is. The drawing style is not particularly high quality and that leads to some hilarious attempts at drawing complex things. Skribbl also seems to have a few more complex words than the average drawing games. Has Some Great Social Features has a really nice chat function, and a report system, which is essential for these types of games. But sadly, you can only report a user on their drawing turn. You can upvote or downvote a users skills however. A custom nickname is allowed, with a custom avatar, which also adds some character and fans of no-sign up will be pleased that this game does not require that!

The creators also have a way of contacting them for suggestions of improvement and new words. A good, funny and active lobby makes for a far more fun time, so playing with friends is a good idea! For what Skribble lacks in looks, it makes up for in word choice, with anything from “Trump” to “Wizard” providing fun rounds of hilarious results!


  • Keyboard – Type words
  • Mouse – Draw/select drawing tool tips for

  • Keep it simple when drawing
  • Distractions are exactly that, distractions.
  • Guess lots, there is no spam rule in the chat.

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