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Description: is a free to play online ball based racing game released in November of 2017. You pick from multiple different types of ball shaped characters (Mars, an Eye, an 8-ball, an apple,
etc.) and get teleported into a 3D map where you race to be the first to the finish line.

However the race isn’t quite so simple, there are many obstacles and tricky passage ways to make it through. You will need to figure out all the tricks to get past rough areas and make it to checkpoints where you can respawn when you fall off the map. Along the way you will also find coins which help increase your score.

Shortcuts Win Races in

Hands down you need to find shortcuts in the map to win a race. They are not hard to find and the more you play a map the more obvious they become. For instance on the desk map just playing through at a casual pace you will most likely get 3-5 minutes time once you get good at it. With shortcuts it is possible to finish it in less than a minute (very difficult but possible!). Most shortcuts require leaps of faith, jumping where you cannot see where you will land but you know based off of previous playing you are going in the right direction.

Overall, if you like difficult games could be perfect for you. It is not easy but it is very rewarding and also has a leveling system with skin rewards to make your ball look different. We recommend sticking with it no matter how hard the first couple of matches are, even if you finish in ~10+ minutes you will get the hang of it and quickly cut down that time!


  • Use your arrow keys to move
  • Press spacebar to jump
  • Ctrl to fire (according to instructions – haven’t been able to see this in game ourselves) tips for

  • Look for shortcuts – there are many to find that will cut minutes off of your time
  • Slow down around trickier parts and just slowly jump around to avoid falling

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