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Description: is a multiplayer football/soccer experience with a twist. Rather than using humans as avatars, in this game cars are used to battle it out on an expansive football/soccer field.

While many of you may be wondering just how this odd concept is successful, don’t forget that in 2015
Rocket League swept the PS4 market and currently sits at over 34 million players worldwide. Clearly, the
formula of car-based football/soccer games has been proven to be popular, but how well does it actually work?

Jump right in and hit the ball!

Once you get onto the game, you can dive right in with just a username. This ease-of-access means that you will have very little difficulty finding a match to play in, especially as you can drop in at any time and
play against people from all over the world.

The aim of the game is simple; get the ball into the opposite side’s net. However, the boost feature makes this game particularly interesting, alongside the gigantic size of the ball. While it can be difficult to
navigate on occasion, it is a world of fun to play with seven other strangers.


  • Control your car using the basic WASD layout or arrow keys, depending on what you feel most
    comfortable with
  • Use Spacebar to boost your bar, propelling you forwards to hit the ball or other players
  • Press Q to change your camera perspective, focusing on either the ball or your own car tips for

  • Boost effectively throughout the match. Start out boosting at kick-off and you can gain a real advantage over your opponents, especially if they don’t do the same. But you shouldn’t stop there, boosting can let you take control of the pitch and the ball. Slam into your opponents if they
    are getting too close and block potential cars by boosting in front of the goal.
  • Pay attention to the time limit. Don’t waste your seconds planning an elaborate goal only to find the match has ended before you can finish. If time is running low, focus on keeping the ball away
    from your opponents.
  • Use the walls of the pitch to bounce the ball around other players. This can give you the element
    of surprise that puts you at an advantage over the opposing players and enables you to score
    sudden goals.

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