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Raaaaft.io (with four “a”s) is a survival based game, where your character is stranded with others out at sea, starting with a mere raft and a few other items and must survive for as long as possible. Naturally, this means human nature and fighting comes in to play. There are only so many resources available and therefore you have to protect and sometimes steal them. You have three health bars. One is hunger one is health and the other is hydration. Keeping these from hitting is empty is how you will survive.

To remain fed, you’ll need food which will require a fishing rod. You make things via crafting (for example a fishing rod requires rope, which must first be crafted itself). In the top left of your screen you will find the crafting and materials menu. Fish can be eaten or cooked (cooked fish will fill your hunger bar more than uncooked). To cook you’ll need a grill, which requires stone. To get stone you’ll have to go further than the water on which you start. Stone is found inland, on small islands that are found throughout the map. Although they are often inhabited by others, so be careful as other players might not always be so friendly! You can also make glass.

Water, Food, and Protection Are Your Goals In Raaaaft.io

You can also craft a “water maker”. This is made from glass and multiple stone. The water maker takes 2 seconds to make water. Weapons such as a bow can also be crafted. These are essential for survival, whether you want to be violent or not, you’ll need to defend yourself!

Finally, there are also “bandages” in Raaaaft.io, used to replenishing injuries and healing your health. You can get further into the game by exploring and things get more complex when you fortify your islands or rafts with wooden walls and other players. You move around on your raft by using your starting oar, which when you left click in water will move you around. You can also swim, but you cannot fish without being on a raft.


  • WASD/Arrow keys – Move
  • Mouse – Turn/Aim
  • Left mouse click – Interact/Fire bow
  • F- Pick up item

GameFarm.io tips for Raaaaft.io:

  • Craft a bow ASAP to defend yourself.
  • Be friendly, when approaching an island with players on. Don’t have your bow out and they’ll know you probably come in peace.
  • Kill a shark for a big piece of tasty food!

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