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Pie.ai is a frantic, fast paced multiplayer game where you must eat anything and everything, whilst avoiding all the dangerous ways that you can very quickly die. Basically, you take control of a chripy little character who has the ability to hop around a very busy arena. Much like slither.io, the more you eat the bigger you become and the more points you gain. And of course, the bigger you are the easier it is to eat smaller players.

The arena’s floor has square spaces, in which certain food items are placed. Some are plain, but will gain you one point and small growth, whilst others have bigger rewards such as keys, +3s and +5s. The keys can be used to unlock other squares which have special rewards.

Watch Out – Something is always out to get you in Pie.ai!

The dangers are what make this game so crazy though; randomly squares on the floor will be “jammed”. They start flashing red and if you don’t evade them quickly you will be “jammed”. That means instant death. Bigger players will eat you and that also means instant death.

You will very quickly find that you are just constantly hopping about, because if you stay still for too long, someone will eat you. Your character has a jump distance as far as you can see on your screen however, so quick evasion is possible. It becomes quite confusing to see what on earth is going on, with bright colors and constantly moving squares, but that is the point; it is crazy!

There are also daily quests, such as “Eat 25 players”, which give you rewards for customization of your character. Alternatively, you can play in a team mode (rather than the standard Free For All), which is a classic capture the flag style set up. If you like the “eating” style games, but with a fast paced twist, then this is probably for you.


  • Left click a square to interact. If it’s an empty square you will jump. If it’s full you will eat it.

GameFarm.io tips for Pie.ai:

  • Make use of jumping far. Empty spaces the other side of the arena can be jumped too if you can see them!
  • Focus on getting a little bit bigger first, before eating others.
  • As soon as an area starts turning red, get out (it means it’s about to jam!)
  • Watch out for the big evil players who are most likely stalking you.

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