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Description: is a snake style game, where instead of the typical aim of growing yourself, you instead grow your ownership of the map. You play as a paper snake. Each user’s ownership of the map space is represented by the solid colors, whilst the transparent colors represent the tail of each snake. You must grow your owned space, by moving your snake to grow a shape and then bring it back to your solid colored shapes, thus completing. Keeps You On Your Toes

So how do you die in Like the classic mobile snake game, running into your own tail will result in death and you will lose all your progress.
Also, hitting another users tail will result in death. But going over their solid colored shapes, will not. In fact, this is how you can steal their space!
But be careful, for if they grow their shape whilst you are on it, you’ll die.

You will also die if another user completes a shape that you are trapped within. Hitting the edge of the map will also result in death. Every time you die, you lose everything and start again. The aim of the game is to control the map and top the leaderboard. You’ll know when you have because you’ll be assigned a golden crown! is a very simple game, one that perhaps is a little boring after extended play but a simple time killer.


  • Press WASD keys to Move tips for

  • Don’t be too crazy with your shape sizes, unless you are 100% sure you have the freedom because another user can end your fun easily if you’re far from completing your shapes.
  • Eat into other people’s shapes to stall their progress.
  • However try to do this on the sly – if they notice you they are likely to retaliate and seek to kill you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow its so weird to controle

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