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Orbs.it is a unique, shooting game based on the idea of planets (called orbs) orbiting a sun. You take control of one orb, orbiting the center sun, with other players also orbiting. There are also at first non-controlled blank orbs. The aim is to shoot other orbs. When your shot hits an orb, you gain control of it. When you have 24 orbs (all of them), then you win the game.

You cannot move your orbs, as you are in constant motion, in orbit. But you can change control which orb you are currently firing from.You can also use shields and spray fire. There are two of these each available each round. To shoot you simply click, and try to aim your fire at an orb. You often have to try and aim just ahead of the orb so that it will collide with your shot. But be careful! Aggravating other users will only cause you problems, and you’ll lose orbs.

Precison Wins Games in Orbs.it

Fire distance is only short too, so don’t bother trying some long range sniper style shots, they won’t work! Spray fire is great if you are very close to lots of orbs, or as a last resort if you are on the brink of losing your one and only final orb. The shield is also vital if you are on the verge of losing your final orb. It will protect you from all enemy fire.

You gain more Spray fire and shields when you obtain 10 orbs. Once you have more and more orbs, you can click between them and gain control of the entire field very quickly. Eventually there can be just two or three players left, battling it out for the final few orbs.

There are two game modes: public and private. So you can create a lobby just for friends. When you finally get all 24 orbs, you win, but there is not even a “well done” message or anything, which is a letdown. It just goes back to the menu, just like when you die. It’s a really nice game, and for something so paced is very addictive. It’s totally unique.


  • Aim – mouse
  • Fire – Left click
  • Choose orb – Left click
  • X – Spray fire
  • C – Shield
  • Z- Zoom out

GameFarm.io tips for Orbs.it:

  • Move along the line, so with each new orb obtained, start controlling it.
  • Only use shields and spray fire when you really need them.
  • Aim slightly ahead of orbs if they are not really close to you.

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