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Obsid.io should basically be called SuperSmashBros.io – I am joking because obviously it is not a Nintendo product but it does scratch the same itch. The game is multiplayer and free to play straight in your browser, there is no need to download anything. At the moment you can choose from one of three different characters to play as Chain (A grenade throwing, electrical chain grappling, plasma blade welding crazy woman **cough, Samus, cough**), Simca (a teleporting arrow shooter) or Zeer’Kaan (a lava-based rock thrower).

Brawl ‘Til Your Heart’s Content In Obsid.io

The map is pretty large and there a few things you need to watch out for like spike traps that kill you instantly and of course, falling off the map (instant death as well). The map is largely setup like a platformer so you can go up and down as well across the sides. There are areas where gusts of air can propel you up quickly for surprise attacks or quick escapes. Overall this game is very nice and we highly recommend you give it a try with a couple friends.


  • Arrow keys to move, double press the up arrow key to double jump.
  • QWER keys to use abilities to attack
  • Press down while on a platform to go to the lower platform.

GameFarm.io tips for Obsid.io:

  • Click the characters picture on the start screen to change the skin.
  • Don’t start out as Zeer’kaan, he is strong but as a new player he can be frustrating to play due to slow attack speed and movement speed.

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