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Description: is a great little soccer game, but with the twist of nitro power boosts! Each player is on a team of 3. You are a small circle player, you have to move around and bounce into the ball, and try push it into your opponents goal! The complexities of real-life soccer are nowhere to be seen, it’s simple.

You have a “nitro” bar, which is your boost. You can use this to move a lot faster, and get more power behind bouncing into the ball. You can also use this to beat other players to the ball first. The nitro bar runs out very quickly, and to replenish it you will need to move into the yellow glowing dots placed around the arena.

Bounce Off Everything To Score in

The arena has walls, so the ball and players cannot leave. You can also bounce into other players, and push them out the way. By pressing space bar, you can stand still which is useful if you are planning on playing goalkeeper (which nobody seems to do). If a real player quits or leaves, they will be replaced by an AI player. They are actually not that bad, and sometimes better than a noob. But a team of 3 real players vs 1 real player and 2 AI almost always results in the real players winning.

Nitroclash would be great fun with friends. The one let down is the movement of your player is too slick but that can also be seen as making the game more challenging so overall the game is a great way to have some fun.


  • Mouse – Move direction
  • Left click – Boost (Nitro)
  • Space Bar – Stay still/brake
  • T – Chat
  • Tab – Show player stats
  • C – change to full screen/follow player
  • X – change follow camera style
  • Mouse wheel – Zoom in/out tips for

  • Use brake.
  • Use nitro boost at the kick-offs.
  • Don’t go inactive, you’ll get kicked.
  • Use the follow camera, the full screen one makes it harder to control your character’s movement.

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