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Description: is a free online multiplayer browser based zombie apocolypse game. The game features weapons with a very addictive spray of bullets and no concept of reloading. This makes the game quite action packed.

The game itself revolves around one simple concept – survive as long as you can in a world where zombies roam the streets attacking everyone. When you die you will be prompted with a count of how long you lived.

Zombies and Players Want Your Blood in

If dodging and killing zombies wasn’t enough – other players will be attacking you while you try to survive. You and them will do battle – the person with the best aim, stats, and guns will ultimately win. Every level you will get a stat point to assign to either max health, health regeneration, speed or accuracy. As far as we can tell accuracy is the least important of them all.

Ultimately is a great addition to the new wave of free no-signup required browser-based games. It is deceptively simple but the strategies a player can take are endless. If you are into zombie io games/browser games – this game will make you very happy.


  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Click your left mouse button to shoot
  • Press 1,2,3, or 4 to upgrade stats when you level up tips for

  • Try to find a teammate, most people play in teams so it can be hard playing solo. To do so swing your weapon in a circle and see if someone else repeats it back. If so they want to team.
  • Make sure to upgrade your speed stat a bit first so you can run away from both zombies and players.
  • Play smart, engage in battles where you know health pickups are near by that you can quickly run to and run back and get the kill if need be.
  • Until weapon upgrade 4+, stick to killing zombies and run from all player fights.

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