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N00b.io is a superb, big map, free-roaming survival game. The graphics may seem bland, but as a free browser game of this type, it doesn’t let you down for fun and free world roaming. Firstly, you get to choose from a variety of characters, such as police officers, farmers, medics or “NooNew”, who is a fries-eating woman. When you have selected your character, you will spawn on the map in a random location, equipped with your starter items which always include a pistol, some bullets, a food item and a medic pack. Your job is to survive, so as you start exploring you’ll need to hunt down and collect weapons and items to help you survive.

Finding better weapons is essential as players are dangerous and hard to kill for a noob. To select your newly found weapon or item, open your inventory, select the item and click “use”. You can also drag these items into their keyboard shortcut slots and the bottom of your screen, which can be cycled by pressing your 1-5 number keys. There are several ways to kill, with the easiest being via bullets from a gun. The pistol you start with is very average but can be effective via headshots, but you’ll need to rapid fire to inflict enough damage. But be careful, as reload time can stall you at the vital moment!

Grab The Best Gun You Can In N00b.io

There are also shotguns, which are superb for those with bad aim but they are only effective at close range. They have very slow reload speeds. The double barrel shotgun is extremely useful up close to an enemy but again is slow at reloading. However, the more fun option and alternative is to be a sniper. You can use your scope, from a distance and undercover to kill enemies in 1 shot in the head or 2 in the body.

There is also the more powerful Magnum pistol and the powerful M4 rifle or “spray and pray” option; the AK-47! Each player has a backpack and when they die they drop these, which contains all their inventory. When you die you lose all progress and begin again. There are also cars dotted around the map, for quick travel but they attract enemy attention. If they flip, don’t worry as they reset themselves. Cars can be driven with a passenger.

An essential part of N00b.io is crafting. You craft by using the items you find over the map. To craft, open your inventory and select “Craft”. If you have the required material it will show you (or show what you’re missing) and you’ll be able to select craft. Items such as axes can be crafted to then gain items such as wood. This game is a superb free roaming game, with a competitive and violent nature! It would be even more fun to play with your friends.


  • WASD/Arrow keys – Move
  • Number keys – quick change item
  • Q – Change aim style
  • E – Inventory
  • R – Reload
  • Space – Jump
  • F- Pick Up Item
  • Double tap Esc – Menu

GameFarm.io tips for N00b.io:

  • Sensitivity can be set in the menu.
  • You will need to eat and watch your health/hunger and thirst bars in the bottom left.
  • Cars driven with a friend with a gun can be extremely powerful.
  • When being shot at, try anything to avoid fire; jump, run, swerve or hide in a building!

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