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Description: is a pixel PVP fighting game, with a medieval theme. The idea of this game is to be free of quests and time-consuming tasks, and instead, go straight into quick fighting as you try to gain points. When you start the game, you must choose your fighter. You have a choice of wizard, knight, ranger, orc or ogre.

Each fighter gives you a different attack style and a different special move. The wizard, for example, has a quick firing medium distant spell attack, and a 360 power blast. Whilst the knight has a close range sword and shield. It’s important to pick what is best for your style of playing, as you may struggle with close range fighting.

Defeat Opponents To Increase Your Score In

You get points by killing other player and AI creatures, that you will find randomly located around the map, they are called Small Muks. Small muks will not attack you unprovoked but will chase you once they become awake. They will reward you with 7 points when killed.

Points are also found by collecting the growing yellow objects, these will also help you grow, which means you are stronger and harder to kill. It is easier to grow at first when you are smaller. Bigger players are far more dangerous in so be careful! The glowing red hearts will give you a health boost when walked upon. This is a fun game if you want quick, mindless fighting, but it is a bit crude and lacking in variation.


  • Mouse – You will automatically, in the direction of your mouse.
  • Left click – Attack (Click on enemy)
  • Spacebar or Right Click – Special move tips for

  • Attack Small Muks for quick points and growth when you first start.
  • Be a wizard. Their quick fire and long range is far more fun and effective than a short range fighting.

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