If you’ve played the popular game Then I’m sure you will understand what this game is all about. Essentially you pilot a character that starts out very small. After you select whether you want to be a mouse or a shrimp, then you need to make your way around the map looking for light green food to eat. Notice that I said your character starts out small, as it isn’t always that way. Once you eat this food, your character will grow in size, as you level up. However it isn’t as simple as looking around the map for a bite to eat- you also have some danger to look out for. As well as eating food, you can also be eaten, by other people. These hazardous beings are can be detected due to their red circle, and it’s important to stay out of their way. The bigger these enemies are, the quicker they will consume you. However, if you do survive a run in with these guys you will need to eat the little circles on the map that are water in order to replenish your health. Another interesting aspect of this game is that the player if they choose, can dive under the map and go temporarily invisible. This hides you from these potential threats.


  • To move around you use your mouse.
  • To go invisible you use W.
  • Enter allows you to access the in game chat. tips for

  • Stay away from the bigger characters early on. Of course this is easier said than done, but if you run into a larger character just turn around and get away. They will hunt you down and eat you if you don’t move fast.
  • Keep an eye on your water levels! Water is important as without it you will die, so make sure you don’t run out.
  • Use the W key at will. The W key is a terrific way to hide from threats, so don’t be afraid to use it.

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