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Description: is a survival and hunting game similar to popular games such as Your aim is to collect as much gold as you can to top the leaderboard. You do this by finding resources, such as wood and stone, to then build windmills (somehow in this game wind produces gold), which reward you with gold over time.

You’ll need to protect your windmills by creating a village of walls, and protective spikes. These will keep out enemy players who are only looking to spoil your fun and steal your gold!
Also, watch out for animals such as bulls who if are too close, will charge at you and, kill you. They can be extremely frustrating after you work hard and then accidentally walk up to a bull who clearly is having a bad day.

Gather Resources Or You Won’t Last Long in

To get resources you’ll need to cut at trees and hit stone rocks. They can be hit infinitely. You start with just a standard tool, but once you gain resources you can upgrade to get axes, swords and various other weapons, which are vital in your quest to survive! Apple trees will provide you with apples which will replenish 20 health points. It’s a good idea to collect this earlier on! If you fall in the water, you will be pushed around with little control and need to make your way slowly to the edge again.

Unlike similar games, it isn’t clear how you team up with others and there is a lack of buildings to choose from, which is a shame. However, there is customization available such as hats that range from pig masks to full spiky armor! These can be purchased in exchange for gold and if you see anyone wearing fancy clothing be aware they are probably doing quite well, so they’ll likely kill any noobs.

You level up by collecting more and more gold and resources. You can eventually have a giant village of windmills and be walking around with a mighty fine sword! MooMoo is a more simple survival and hunting game, but still a lot of fun! Battles are frequent and the game is quite fast paced.


  • WASD or Arrows – Move
  • Left click – Interact
  • E – Auto Attack
  • 1-9 key or click – Select Item
  • Q – Quick select food
  • x – Lock rotation
  • R – Ping minimap
  • C – Add map marker
  • Enter – Chat
  • Esc – Close window tips for

  • Build a wall around, trees, apple trees and stone. These will be essential and it is nice to have them protected!
  • Run away from well-equipped players at first!
  • Bulls will be nice to kill at some point, but until you have a sword, be careful!
  • Collect wood ASAP to build an ax and sword!

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