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Description: is an online multiplayer game, where you must destroy anything and everything in your quest to reach the top of the leaderboard! Each player spawns on a map of a city landscape, as either a large monster or a versatile vehicle of man, such as a helicopter or boat. The game is supposed to be team based (Man vs Monster), but the ability to kill anyone to get points means this is rarely the case.

To get points, you must destroy the city or other users. It’s all against all and due to that it’s chaos. If you spawn as a monster, you can break buildings down and other uses, by pure strength. Whilst if you are a man based player, you will be equipped with the ability to fire a weapon. Monsters can move all over the map by walking, whilst man players can only move as their style allows them; so a boat can only travel on water, but a helicopter can fly without touching the ground. This means you can be a little restricted in what you want to do, but each player has their own advantages.

Leveling Up Is The Key To Winning

Gaining XP, by destroying certain blocks, will bring level ups. Once you level up you can then upgrade your health, damage, or weapon slots. Aside from your standard attack mode, all users have a primary and secondary fire options. These vary from “Toxic Farts” to “Sea Mines”. It’s fun to see a variety in weaponry, as you’re not always sure what a player will use on you!

In addition, The size of your character can also be upgraded by collected man or monster tokens. This is very useful as you become more and more dangerous and powerful with increased size. Buildings will respawn soon after being destroyed so there is always points available.

Finally, the game can take a bit of time playing before you reach a level you are happy with, it is irritating to be so small when there are giant monsters and planes moving around. If your ping is low you will be kicked. is a crazy, frantic shooting game, that doesn’t get boring fast!


  • Mouse – Aim
  • WASD or Arrows – Move
  • X – Primary Attack
  • Z – Secondary Attack
  • Mouse Wheel – Zoom
  • Tab – Toggle Leadboard
  • CAPS – Toggle HUD
  • U – Toggle upgrades
  • ESC – Exit tips for :

  • Exit to the main menu and restart if you want to try being a different style of player.
  • Start by shooting buildings, not other players. You need points and XP early on, not conflict.
  • If you have sea mines, circle other players very closely dropping them to kill them!

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