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Description: is a free online multiplayer game released in February of 2018. The game has some great depth to it and has world of wizardry to explore.

Fight with and against other wizards in this PVP focused virtual world, incorporating elements of team-working, resource gathering, and base building, into a dynamic and evolving open game world where players can change the environment around them. You can learn spells from 7 distinct elements, each with their own play style, counters, and tactics, to crush your foes and aid allies to become a master of magic.

There Are Countless Variations of Spells To Try In

Combine elements to form spells. You start with one spell in each element. Find more spells by spending gems at the shrines to each element that appear across the map, or trade spells that you already have with other players for the ones you need.

Breaking away from the endless clones in the io genre that we witnessed at the end of 2017, is a delightfully refreshing game. It manages to strike a balance between a retro feel and new game mechanics.


  • Cast current spell: Left mouse click
  • Interact with object: Left mouse click while no spell selected
  • Move: WASD or arrow keys.
  • Chat: Enter
  • Clear current spell: Spacebar
  • Add element to current spell: 1 (Light), 2 (Dark), 3 (Water), 4 (Fire), 5 (Earth), 6 (Psychic), 7 (Void) tips for

  • Break up gem rocks and grab the gems, bring them to the shrines (look like square statues with a person on them) and click the shrine to buy new spells.
  • Keep your distance. There is usually no reason to be to close to the person you are fighting. Sometimes they have very heavy hitting up close spells you do not want to be surprised with.
  • Shrines give spells that for the shrine it represents, find the shrine that gives dark spells and keep giving it gems until you get Summon Critters. This spell is very helpful both as a shield and to kill people as you can raise an army of minions.

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