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Description: is a quirky little game, where you must survive falling into the deadly pool of lava below. Each user is a cube, that can move around a floating floor of blocks. Each time a player moves, the blocks they have just left will briefly disappear, meaning the floor falls away and anyway on those blocks will burn in eternal lava doom. These blocks quickly reappear, but if you moved onto them when they went, you die.

The sides of the arena’s floor also have no barriers, so if you make a noob mistake you’ll burn too.It’s a strategic and quite addicting battle for space, that is also extremely frustrating when you fail.

Keep Moving – It’s A Race for Gold Coins in!

The aim is to be at the top of the leaderboard, which is achieved by gathering gold coins and blue pick ups, that are around the small floor. That is what keeps everyone moving – also if you stay still you will fall through the floor which you yourself has just destroyed. The blue pick-ups make you grow as a cube. Growing means you take up more floor space, making it tougher for other players to survive. Growth is only temporary, however, as after a few seconds you return to a standard size.

It’s quite a straight forward idea after that, with it only really becoming complex when you have a lobby of several other users, which can be quite rare. The movement of the blocks and the animation of the disappearing floor isn’t very smooth which affects the enjoyment. But PlayCanvas, the creators, are very open to bug feedback and general feedback which means this game has further potential to grow!


  • WASD or Arrows – Move tips for

  • Circle around other users to trap them.
  • Stay out the way of bigger cube players.
  • Don’t fall off the side like a noob.
  • Don’t ever stop moving, as you’ll fall through your own trail.

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