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Description: is a solo game, where the player takes control of a shark with a laser. Honestly, the name itself is perhaps the best shark based title since Sharknado 3, and with such a title there’s plenty of pressure for it to be a hit. But, the game doesn’t disappoint. It’s a fun game, where the user must eat smaller fish to grow and level up (similar to Agario). As they level up they grow in size, and the laser cannon mounted to the sharks back also becomes more powerful. The weaponry used in this game is something that I’m a fan of, as it adds a different element to the game.

The main objective is to earn as many points as you can, and more than the other players. You can earn points by shooting at other players, killing other players, and eating fish. There is a leaderboard located on the top right corner of the screen and as you earn points you will move up the board. One thing this leaderboard does is motivate you to want to earn points, which helps get you into the game more. Overall this is a really fun game to play, and it’s so simple that it’s easy to pick up, but isn’t too simple as otherwise, it would be boring.


  • Left click to sprint
  • Hold space to fire
  • Move around/Aim with mouse tips for

  • Aim your shots- After you press the fire button you have some time to adjust your aim so use it! This can help you take out the other players.
  • Eat the small dots- The more you level up the higher your chances of survival are.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage. There’s a good chance you can win a shootout with another player, so why not go for it?


  1. dang yoo says:

    i got hacked I was in first place and the shark in 10th place killed me with one hit and i had full health

  2. Anonymous says:

    i got hacked i was in 1st with 51 kills and it made me go off map

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