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Description: (with 4 a’s) is a simple point and click game, based on the meme “the floor is lava”. Basically, you and five other players are round circles. After the countdown has finished, you all will drop from above the lava, towards the lava. However, you can push your circle through the air by clicking. The goal is to be the last player to fall into the lava.

This is where it becomes a little tricky. If you push into others, you can push them down whilst staying above. There are also 3 walls to bounce off.Usually a round will be over within a matter of seconds, but sometimes two users will find themselves battling it out to the death a bit longer. Is So Addictive You May Want To Limit Your Play Time

The line coming out your circle indicates which direction you want to move. But it has a brief pause time before you can move again. Most of the time, you will fall to instant death in the lava until you start to learn common other player behavior and get a better understanding of what strategy to use.

The graphics are simple which is part of the charm, it is an extremely simple game you can pick up and put down for some quick entertainment. The wait time to find the full five players per lobby can be irritating too so if it lasts longer than a few seconds you may want to reload and try again or try another server.


  • Mouse – Aim direction of movement
  • Left click – Move tips for

  • Aim for the walls if you start near them.
  • Switch to your region’s server for less lag.
  • The line coming away from you is the direction you will move when you click.

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