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Kugeln.io is a free to play online multiplayer shooting game with cutesy graphics. It is inspired heavily by games like Worms and Teeworlds according to the game’s creator.

The main premise of the game is you are little ball who must engage in team deathmatch/capture the flag style game play across a variety of different maps with different obstacles (including sharks in at least one of them!)

Don’t Stop Shooting in Kugeln.io

The weapons selection is pretty good, you can choose from bow and arrow, pistol, grenade launcher, a shotgun of sorts and more. There are also items on the map like a jetpack and a mounted machine gun. Overall if you like casual shooters Kugeln.io is a good game for you. It has enough depth to keep things interesting without feeling bogged down.


  • Move by pressing A or D keys
  • Press Spacebar to jump
  • Scroll your mousewheel to change weapons
  • Left click your mouse to shoot, right click to use grapnel

GameFarm.io tips for Kugeln.io:

  • Actually use your grapnel, (mouse right click) to swing around like Spiderman. Very few people do so it is a huge advantage.
  • If you have a lot of ammo, try to keep shooting nonstop when near enemies. A split second can make all the difference in who wins the shootout.

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