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Description: is a free online, multiplayer, 3D io game based on being a pirate. You play as a cannon with a pirate hat who starts out either being drafted onto another player’s upgraded ship or on your small and pathetic raft. The main goal of the game is to sail around the ocean and shoot other players ship’s with your cannon. As you do so you will earn supplies and gold, which can be used to purchase upgrades to your ship. These upgrades range from an upgrade raft, a boat, or even a destroyer as your crew becomes more successful. As your boat gets bigger in so does your pirate crew, and you will notice players will start to board your ship. The bigger your crew the more powerful you will be.

Navigating your raft in can be challenging at first, we recommend sticking with it for 10 minutes at least before giving up. By that time you should be really good at getting around with your raft. Also the key is to move your cannon with WASD keys into the different corners of your raft to get it to go in that direction and once it starts to move more in to the middle to prevent yourself from just going around and around in a circle.


  • Use WASD keys to move your character
  • Use your mouse to rotate the camera
  • Left click to shoot your cannon
  • Spacebar to hop tips for

  • Shoot often – the more you shoot the more you can tell how much you need to adjust your angle to hit the target
  • Grab the supply crates floating in the water
  • Go back to the island in the middle often to heal your ship

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