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HexSweep.io is a free to play online multiplayer game released in December of 2017. It requires nor egistration to play. The main plot of the game is that you need to expand the area you claim as your own in a hexagon world filled with mines (bombs) under tiles.

Logic Wins Games in HexSweep.io

To claim land in HexSweep.io you need to either be sure it doesn’t have a mine and take it over or flag that you think it has a mine. To determine if it has a mine you need to use some logical thinking. The number displayed on your outlying tiles tells you how many mines that hexagon tile touches. So if for instance there is a tile marked 3, that means three of the unconquered tiles around it have mines. Look around enough and you will be able to determine where there is not one based off of the sum of all these data points.

Overall, HexSweep.io is a great new comer to the io game / browser game world. It is a nice casual game that is not shooting based which is refreshing in the recent avalanche of shooter/battle-royales we have been seeing. It is a great game to keep the brain working similar to doing crossword puzzles or sudoku.


  • Left click a tile to claim it as mine free.
  • Right click to flag a tile as having a mine.
  • Hold right mouse button and drag to move camera.

GameFarm.io tips for HexSweep.io:

  • Do not flag a tile as a mine unless you are 100% positive. If it doesn’t have one and you flag it you lose all your progress.
  • It seems obvious but make sure to click any tile neighboring zeros as soon as you see them.
  • Go slow – be sure of each move. Going fast doesn’t really give you that big of an advantage.

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