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Description: is a multiplayer browser game released in 2017. This game puts you right in the middle of a giant battle against all sorts of warriors from history- among those includes knights, vikings and spartans to name a few.

Some of the unique concepts that differentiate this game from other combat browser games are the pickups. You have the typical experience orbs you’d find in games like etc, but the pickups include mounts (horses, etc.) that you can ride and shields your character then equips.
When you whack other players with your weapon they send big experience orbs flying around the map for you to pick up which is very engaging.

Unlock Different Warriors and Skins in has a very cool skin system (skins are basically costumes / different avatars for your character). On leveling your account up you can unlock new skins at different levels. Some of these unlockables include the Swedish Knight, the Scanian Knight, the Danish Knight and the Teutonic Knight.

Overall gets massive props from The game play os addictive and most importantly for the genre, simple. You can jump right in and action is only a couple clicks way but the game is not shallow.


  • Point the mouse in the direction you want to move
  • Click the left mouse button or press space to attack tips for

  • Always have a mount – if you don’t you are too easy to kill as you can’t run away fast.
  • Don’t battle openents that have more than double your experience. Odds are you are just going to die.
  • At the beginning try to look for big opponents fighting and hover around them to pick up some massive experience drops.

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