In this overhead rpg-like io game, is the perfect combination of building and battling. Set up your base quick, because when nightfall things get a little spooky as monsters approach from the north of the map to attack anything and everything. The game features a team system which is a rare treat as far as io games are concerned as well as rare cosmetic drops (different types of hats) from killing monsters. Managing your resources and creating workers will challenge your brain while your reflexes will be challenged as you fight off other players who get rewarded for destroying parts of your base. The game also features a leveling system so as you train you will get stronger.


  • Click the mouse to swing your sword
  • W, A, S , D to move your character
  • 1 through 9 and click to build if you have the required materials
  • Press B to access the shopping system tips for :

  • As soon as you possibly can build a Stone of Life – it will resurrect you when you die. Place it carefully because it can be destroyed.
  • Pay attention to build limit on your build toolbar to notice if your base is under attack.
  • When you get really strong go north, there are many ice knights to kill for gold coins even during the day!

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