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Description: is an private server, and the goal is simple: get as big as you can. You are playing in real time with players all over the world. To get bigger, you need either eat your opponents or eat the germs lying around. Doing this is as simple as bumping into them. You can only eat opponents smaller than you though, so pick your battles wisely. The bigger you get, the slower you get too, so to still be able to catch smaller (and faster!) opponents, you can split yourself into multiple parts, propelling every part forwards. This is a good technique to catch your opponents off-guard.

Be the Unique Germ You Have Always Thought Yourself To Be in is highly customizable. For example, you can change your in-game name, set a background picture, or even a background animation. With the real-time chat you can negotiate for a truce with your opponents, or even establish a team. Can you be the biggest germ in the server? Find out now! provides a multitude of servers, so if you are getting bored with your current opponents, you can always switch servers and get a new pool of opponents! And even better, you can invite your friends to play with you as well.


  • Moving: Simply drag your mouse into the desired direction.
  • Splitting: Push the spacebar to split yourself into multiple cells.
  • Merging your split cells: Hover your mouse over one of your cells. All your cells will automatically merge with each other. tips for

  • If you are tiny and a big cell is hunting you, hide under the big green blobs. When your opponent tries to eat you he’ll split into a thousand pieces that way.
  • Try to only pick fights where you have the upper hand. This way you won’t ever get eaten by accident.
  • Try asking people for either a truce or a team in the chat. You can potentially get much stronger this way.

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