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Description: is a free for all shooter game, with the aim being to gather points by killing others (and not dying yourself). Upon arriving on the page you can customize your set up, with a choice of guns (such as pistols and machine guns), your level of armor, perks and character color.

The game has a top-down view and is set in a square arena map (which gets smaller as the game progresses), with simplistic obstacle shapes to use as protection. Although the game is fairly simple visually, the variety of customization that is similar to everyone’s favorite popular shooter games means there is variety in all users. Each character is a colored circle, with a black ring around it indicating it’s level of armor. Perks and upgrades become available following kill streaks. The perks include damage and speed boosters.

Pick Out the Best Equipment to Make it to the Top in

The arena typically features around 30-40 users, with the leaderboard based on your kills and time since last death. The guns available include: a pistol, sub machine guns, AK47s, shotguns and a rifle. Your levels of armor give better protection, but will slow your character’s movement down if it is a bigger.

The game can become quite repetitive quickly, due to the dull map layout, but the tactical side to deciding where to cover means your playing abilities can reap big point rewards. If you’re looking for a fast paced, customizable shooter .io game then this is for you!


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Mouse to spin/turn
  • R to reload tips for

  • Be careful not to run off the map, as your health drops very quickly once you enter the out of bounds area.
  • Register if you want to store and view your stats.
  • Ad blocker also removes access to stats.
  • The bigger your armor level, the slower your movement speed.
  • Use a mouse not a track pad if possible, as turning is near impossible without a mouse.

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