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ForceShip is a space themed shooter game where you take control of a space ship maneuvering through space rocks. You also try to shoot down the other players. The physics feel like you are controlling a space ship, with good momentum and spin, but the lack of ability to move slowly means that it is difficult to feel like you have much control.

Points are gained by shooting other users’ spaceships until their health bar is empty and they die. The map is quite small and features large rocks which need avoiding as they result in instant self-explosion.

Speed Boost your way to safety but be careful…

Speed boosts can be used at the cost of health by holding left click but despite the flying feel of the spaceships, the game is let down by a small map and lack of precise control over your ship. With just a simple ball firing out of each user, sometimes it can feel very luck based.

You can choose either a US server or western Europe which is good for trying to play with friends or less lag. But with no customization at all and a dull map, you will likely find far more complex games out there than ForceShip. Each game consists of around 5 players, but it seems that most deaths are caused by space rock impacts or from colliding with other users more than ever actually shooting them to their demise.

One useful feature is the small arrows above your ship which indicates the direction of an enemy spaceship.The game is a nice idea that could be fun for a few minutes with friends, but ultimately not worth returning too and needs improving.


  • Mouse to move and turn/spin.
  • Left click to shoot.
  • Right click to get a speed boost tips for ForceShip:

  • Don’t fly off the map.
  • Use speed boost carefully as it uses your health and is really not needed with space rocks so near.
  • Try stay near the centre of the map, because the edges equal instant death.

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