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Elementar.io is a fun and addictive game. It combines the aspect of eating small dots to grow from Agario, with the space themed shooter style of many games we all know and love. When you first load up the game you will be on the main menu. Here you choose what your character will look like, which is a great piece of personalisation that is included in the game. At this menu you can also give your character a title which will be show up on the leaderboard. It is at this menu screen where you select one of the two game modes to take part in, whether it be free for all where you compete in a solo campaign against other players, or on team mode where you go up against others in a team.

Inside of the arena you will see that it is a 2-D space style map. The characters are circles with a thinner circle which is a health bar. There are also various small dots located on the map, flying over the dots picks them up. This is how you level up. Upon leveling up you will grow in size. Your laser cannon will start to fire more lasers at a single time, as they go from shooting one laser per shot to upwards of three. You will also unlock other powers that enhance your game, such as health regen and defense.


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to navigate/aim
  • Left click to shoot

GameFarm.io tips for Elementar.io:

  • Grow in size so you then can compete with the bigger players.
  • Collect small dots.
  • Use your cannon to protect yourself from threats.

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