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Description: is a quick to play rpg like multiplayer browser game released in October 2017. The game requires no sign-up and is free to play.You quite literally can just enter a name and get going.

There are a variety of thing a player can do such as building structures, items, hunting animals, fighting other players, etc. There is no set direction in the game other than the goal of surviving and making it to the top of the server’s hiscores list.

Prepare for War in

One thing is for certain though – other players are aggressive in this game. You will want to craft yourself some weapons and add some of your stat points to either attack or archery to help defend yourself.

Ultimately this is a great addition to the growing number of multiplayer browser games and can be quite addictive. Whatever you do in –
just be careful of other players turrets!


  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Click the left mouse button to attack/use items
  • Press space to sprint
  • Press R to destroy your own buildings
  • Press E to put an item on a turret tips for

  • Crossbow is the best ranged weapon at the moment. Don’t waste your time/resources on the musket.
  • Always dismantle buildings you are not using to get the resources back.
  • Around structures be cautious – turrets are usually near.

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