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Description: is a multiplayer RPG survival game released half way through 2018 by LapaMauve the same author as among other games. Devast hsa two modes, Survival and Battle Royale, and essentially makes players go against each other to see who can survive the longest in an apocalypse like setting. Radiation is a danger around every turn!

Efficiency and Violence Rule the World in

Resources and their gathering will control much of your fate in Devast. You will need to learn the crafting system well in order to make the required complicated materials for more advanced weaponry and item making. Though there are simpler items you can make with just wood and stone for instance. Items you can make range from a pick axe to a weaving machine that allows you to make clothes. There are seriously a ton of items to make.

At the time of writing this there are many players online on and the game is completely free to play. So try it and see how long you can survive in the wasteland filled with geared up enemies and scarce food and warmth.


  • Press arrow keys or WASD to move
  • Click your left mouse button to hit / Hold shift key to speed up
  • Press E to interact / C to craft and buy skills
  • Press M key for Map
  • Hold control key and click to split items
  • Hold alt key and a number or right click to throw items tips for Devast:

  • Worry about fighting only if you are attacking. If you are defending unless you have a sawed off shotgun just run and heal.
  • Only team with players you know you can trust, betrayal is not unncommon
  • In the beginning gather a lot of resources before making a base. It will be much easier for you to run around and not have to keep going back to a specific place.

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