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Description: is a browser-based helicopter upgrade game that feels like a blend between and This is because the game combines terriotry grabbing through blocking off certain areas of the map and upgrading your helicopter’s variety of stats.

The main purpose of this multiplayer game is to conquer as much of the map as possible. As that percent grows so does your helicopters level which allows you to upgrade your stats. Some of the stats include upgrading your speed, bullet speed, reload time, tower health, tower shield and many others. Requires Multitasking

While you are busy shooting down other players, your base is going to be attacked – sometimes from multiple points. For this reason this game is a constant balancing act of aggression and defense. Fail to defend your base and you will lose map control quick, failure to attack and your growth will be very slow.

Overall is a great game and a great advancement in the upgrade genre of io games. The level up system feels rewarding without being overpowering and there are many surprises late game like the superpower concept.


  • Move using the WASD keys of your keyboard
  • Click your left mouse button or press space bar to build tips for

  • Of all the attack stats reload time is the most important, followed by speed, then range.
  • Player speed is a great stat to buff up first as it will allow you to take land quicker which will let you level up quicker.
  • The speed based superpower is recommended when you get superpowers unlocked, you will start taking large chunks of the map and be able to max your stats quicker.
  • ALWAYS fight inside your base – even when attack build a mini walled area to fight from. This is a gigantic advantage compared to people who shoot in the open.

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