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Description: is a free to play online browser based game similar to that features action packed animal “evolution” mayhem. Fight to get access to food, territory, or to just fight as you level up and change into bigger and better animals.

The main goal of is to become the King of one of the four areas of the map: the Swamp, Ocean, Artic or the “Deeeep”. The Swamp is found all the way to the right of the map, the Ocean is the top level of the sea area in the middle. The Artic is found all the way to the left and the Deeeep is the bottom of the ocean in the middle.

There Are Tons of Strategies To Try

One of the best things about is you can try a ton of different ays to play. There are differen upgrade paths for animals for you to unlock and even multiple styles of how to play the same animal – for instance, do you stay above land as a seagull or do you keep diving for better food? Do you shoot up in the air to catch air animals as a whale? The choice is yours to make.

Overall is a great game to kill some time on and the developers seem to keep it updated constantly.


  • Mouse to move
  • Click the left mouse button to boost or use your ability
  • Pressing the Enter Key opens and closes chat
  • Press the M key to hide or show chat tips for

  • Dash constantly along the bottom of the ocean when you are an animal that can go there – it is an easy way to get food and level up.
  • Hide in the seaweed as a large animal to sneak up on and eat small fast animals that would otherwise escape from you.


  1. Braxton says:

    It doesn’t work it just stays in the loading screen!?

    • GameFarm says:

      Hey Braxton, sorry to hear you are having troubles. I checked and it appears to work on my end. Perhaps it was down for maintenance when you tried. Staff

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