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Description: is a simple multiplayer game, where you control a snake with the main objective of being the last remaining snake at the end of each round. Each user controls a snake with their own color. As the snakes move they leave a trail of their color, which if collided with by another player will result in elimination from the round. You must curve around the other trails, hence the name – curve fever!

It is a similar idea to the old snake games you would find on your old Nokia phone, but with other players and no food to eat. The map becomes extremely crowded and restricting of movement, leading to some tense battles and moments that require some precise and nibble player movement!

Precision is the Name of the Game (Not Really it is CurveFever!)

There are small opportunities for evading collision with gaps in the trails, and also picks ups (that look like flame icons) for a speed boost. Although, these often leave you with little time to react. Additionally, there are freeze pick ups, that will stop your movement for a brief moment. You can choose which boosts you would like to use, before the game starts.

The game features “Leagues” which separate the quality of player. For example, if you are a pro you’ll end up in a higher league. If a noob, you’ll be stuck playing with the noobs for a while. If you pay to support the game, in exchange for ingame coins you can unlock alternative arenas with different game modes than the traditional “knock out”.

The game can be a bit laggy, and slow to load, despite it being so simple, which is why there is a download available for Windows. Each arena is typically made up with 8 users at the start of a round. It’s a fun simple game, but the downtime waiting between rounds when you get eliminated is tedious and boring.


  • Left/Right arrows to move tips for

  • Try do very neat and small movements, like a zig zag shape to stay safe, without hitting others.
  • Be aware that your snake will come out the opposite side of the arena that you exit.
  • Aim for the gaps in trails!

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