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Description: is an unusual drawing game, that makes fun of click bait youtube videos. You job is to draw, with simple paint tools, a thumbnail for a fake video, with a title that will get other users to click on it.

All you have at your disposal is primary colors, a paint tool and your fantastic, click bait imagination. You have a budget of $10, and each picture you draw will cost you $1. In order to make more “videos” you’ll need to get more clicks, to earn more money. So you need to make a thumbnail that will get clicks – hence the name, click bait.

More Clicks Means More Money in

Each time you submit a “video”, you will then have to click on one of three other users made videos. This is how the voting system works. In the top right you can see the leader boards for all time and current online users, as well as your click stats.

It’s a good game as it’s something different, unusual and creative. But it can get very boring quickly, as the same videos seem to appear during the voting stage and it get repetitive very quickly. There isn’t really much of a goal, it seems only a few ideas are ever kept in the game long-term. feels like a game you’ll return to once a day, but won’t spend time on continuously.


  • Mouse – Move pen
  • Keys – Type tips for

  • Think click bait and satire. This game is about mocking YouTube and trends of thumbnails.
  • Popular culture references go down well.
  • If you’re really bad at drawing, be simple. For example a popular “video” was titled “A Ghost in my house Live Stream”, with a thumbnail that just said LIVE.
  • Titles are as important as your drawing, be funny.
  • Be controversial.
  • Be silly.
  • Anything Taylor Swift related seems to go down well.
  • Finally, use incorrect spelling such as Taylor Sweft, as even this is mocking the idea of click bait.

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