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Celestia is a 2-dimensional game where you are in charge of piloting a round character. In the beginning, the character is small, but you can grow in size. To do this eat the small objects that are scattered around the map. In Celestia.io these objects are called stars. You also compete with other players to become the largest character on the map. To aid you in your mission to be the largest in the server, you are can use a boost which increases speed. The speed boost helps you to get to those stars before the opposition or to escape an encounter with a more powerful opponent.

You are also armed with a weapon that fires out red stars, which is useful to fend off other players and to protect yourself. But, you must remember that other players also have this weaponry, and if they shoot you you will lose health. When your glow slowly diminishes, it indicates you have been hit. When you get killed, all your stars will be reinvested into the universe for other players to feed on.


  • Your Mouse moves your character.
  • Left click to fire your weapon
  • Spacebar/right click to boost.

GameFarm.io tips for Celestia.io:

  • Use your cannon to take out weaker foes. You can easily kill them you can gain their stars.
  • Focus on collecting stars in the early stages.
  • Avoid encounters with bigger characters.

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