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Description: is a free to play online multiplayer browser game released in late 2017. The game features duels between two rival castle kingdoms across the map of each other. The game is a strategy game of sorts where the winner is the player who manages their cash flow the best.

There are multiple different units to purchase for your army ranging from spearman to catapults. Each unit has their own pros and cons and can be used strategically for best results. Learning which units counter the others the best can be the difference between winning and losing.

Buildings Are As Important As An Army In

Don’t focus only on your army though – buildings offer great benefits. There are resource buildings like gold mines and there are defensive buildings such as the fire tower which can help hold off enemy attacks on your base.

Overall is a great casual game for someone who likes real-time strategy games like Starcraft or Age of Empires but doesn’t have a lot of time to sit through a long match. The game has a high replayability factor because of all the different paths one can take. Unlike a lot of multiplayer browser games, does have a single player mode as well where you can verse bots.


  • Left click units/buildings on the bottom bar to purchase them, then click on the map to place them. tips for

  • Wood is equally as important as gold in most cases – don’t forget to build woodcutters!
  • At least one tower to start a mage is highly recommended – place it in front of your castle in the middle so it can hit both lanes.
  • Always have a swarm of units around your catapults so they have time to hit things before they get destroyed.
  • Always upgrade your woodcutters and gold mines. If you do it in pairs they pay for each other

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