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Description: is a game that is similar to type games, but with some slight twists. Each player controls a “car” that has a flair attached to it’s back, that you’ll need to “grow” in order to gain domination of the arena and own the top of the leaderboard!

Your flair grows by you holding the left mouse button to gain energy from the dead user’s dropped energy. Energy is spread across the map. Your flair can swing around and be used as a weapon against others; so the bigger it is, the better. If it gets to a size that others just crash into it by accident, then you’re doing well! Some players will eventually have giant flairs, that you can only be envious of. If you see a spare flair about, of the same color, you can release your current one and steal the new one.

Be Warned – Is Chaotic!

The center of the map has chaos going on, with a small section contained in walls, with lots of energy available. But bigger flair users seem to stay here, waiting to gain on your collisions. They even try to block off the entry points to the very center area! Going after large energy pools that have been dropped, is very rewarding but very, very risky. The time a flair grows is rapid, so if you aren’t first to the energy the new player’s big flair is going to kill you!

Collisions between car and car won’t result in anything, it’s only flairs that cause the damage. also has a minimap, which is very nice as you can see where the energy is located and where the action is going on! Perhaps your plan is to silently creep around the edges, gradually growing? Or maybe it is to be “brutal” and just try and destroy everyone.

There are all daily bonus ideas, such as a giant red flair that you can get your hands on at the center of the map. The top leaderboard player is also located via an arrow of a “crown” which is a nice feature and means if you want constant chaos, you can lurk around! It’s a challenging, chaotic game, for those who like the “growing” style of games.


  • Mouse – Move
  • Left mouse click – Attract energy to you tips for

  • Stay away from the centre, it’s just too chaotic (unless that’s what you want…)
  • Follow the leaderboard leader if you want to steal his kills.
  • The edges of the map are calmer and quieter.
  • Disconnect your tail and run to the other side of big opponents and attract it back to yourself to kill them.

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