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Description: is a fun zombie based game, with the main objective of surviving as a human from a zombie outbreak. The game has a top down view and 5 different map choices. Every user starts off as a “human”, and has 70 seconds to prepare for the zombie outbreak! You can use this time to prepare by moving furniture to protect you, teaming up with other humans or simply running to the corner and hiding!

But the great part is, that even when you inevitably fail and are bitten by a zombie, you then take on your new role and get to chase down other humans. The leaderboard system works based on your ability to survive and then catch others. Once you become a zombie, your score drops significantly.

There are also various weapons at your disposal, such as guns and baseball bats; although Zombies cannot hold these. The game has some depth too, with “hulk” users spawning due to random chance and “alpha” zombies with faster speed than others.

Teamwork Is The Key To Protecting Your Brain From Zombies

The game is dynamic and provides some interesting opportunities to team up with others and interact in a human way (for example, are you going to be annoying and move a bed someone has placed as a barrier, or are you going to be respectful?), but the movement of the characters can be a bit erratic. The maps include: “Two Houses”, “Christmas Town”, “Lab Escape”, “Halloween” and “Hut Hut”.

After a few rounds of getting the grips of things, this is an addictive game that is one of the more creative ideas on the .io space.


  • Use WASD or arrows to move your character.
  • Mouse to turn or spin.
  • Use left click to grab/use an item.
  • Right click to pick up an item.
  • G to drop an item (you can hold 4 at a time) tips for

  • Get moving as soon as possible, there are only a few items and they will go quickly; make sure you get them first!
  • Team up with others, so that a house can become a secure place with multiple users securing doorways.
  • Big items such as beds are the best barriers, as zombies struggle to push things and these are large.
  • If your tactic is to hide, then make sure you are alone and not followed.
  • Hide under a tree. You user ID and character will be fully hidden.

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