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Description: is a nice twist on type games, with emoji based themes but the same premise as most growing games. Basically, you are an emoji who moves around a map, collecting gems that help you grow both in size and points, in your attempts to climb the leaderboard. There are other emojis playing too of course, and they are not always friendly, as they (and you) can drop bombs that explode just a few seconds later. These bombs have a circle that appears around them indicating their area of damage, if you are in this circle at the time of explosion, you’ll likely die.

There are also “meany” emojis frequently seen around the arena. These are sad or angry emojis that will follow you if you come to close and stun you. Stunning means you are significatnly slowed down and lack any ability to anything other than move very slowly for a few seconds. If meanys get the opportunity to touch you too much, you’ll die instantly; game over. You can destroy meanys by dropping bombs. But if you bomb yourself, you’ll be stunned.

The Best Item In The Game Is Literally Poop

There are also “poop” emojis. And in, poop is good. You now love poop. If you collect a poop emoji, you will deflect all meanys away from you, which is great! But the poop emoji only has a brief time of use before expiring. You also have the ability to speed boost, to escape enemies or meanies. This is very useful. Unlike speed boost does not cost you anything, but it if used too much you will have to wait for it too cool off again before use.

Bombs can be dropped at a max of 3 at a time. The bigger you are, the bigger your bombs are. A crown becomes availiable after 200 points, which once found on the map brings you a big points reward. When other players die they drop all their gems, so big deaths are extremely rewarding. If you follow the mini map, you can see the top 3 users, so if you want to hunt them down and steal their gems when they inevitably die, that’s what to look at!


  • Mouse – move.
  • Left click – bombs.
  • Right click – speed boost. tips for

  • If you collect a poop, be fearless, as you can drive through meanys without worrying!
  • Bombs explode meanies, so if you’re in trouble, bomb them!
  • Use the mini map to follow the top 3 so you can steal their gems when they die – the fastest way to grow quickly!
  • On the menu, you can choose your emoji.

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